Location of Enfield Motel

Enfield Motel - 393 Main North Road Enfield 5085

From the City

Enfield Motel is conveniently located 6klms north of the city between Regency and Grand Junction Roads.
Follow King William Road, north on to O'Connell Street through North Adelaide which connects with Main North Road. If travelling by bus you get on and off at Bus stop 21 which is on both sides of Main North Road.


From the North

Travel along National Highway 1. This meets Main North Road.


From Melbourne

Turn right at bottom of South Eastern Freeway, onto Portrush Road then Ascot Avenue over Main North East Road on to Taunton. Turn right at Hampstead Road, left on to Regency Road then right on to Main North Road.



08 8262 5115

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